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The triumph of marble in furnishing trends 2020

Posted by Anna Urban

Among the new furnishing trends that emerged this autumn, marble, one of the most elegant materials ever, is firmly established.

We find it as a top for dining tables and coffee tables in the living room, in the ornaments but also in the kitchen and bathroom.

Let’s see together how to give a refined touch to the furniture of your home with the insertion of some element in marble.

Tavolo Volantis Evolution con piano in marmo

What are the new interior design trends for 2020?

The interior design trends for 2020 emerged clearly at the Design Fashion Week in Milan last September.

In the next few months, the most common furnishings will be those in which natural colours, light wood, dove grey and green in pastel shades will reign. It is no coincidence that the Pantone 2020 colour for furnishings is the Bleached Coral, the warm colour inspired by corals, which must be protected from damage to man.

Colour and fantasy are not lacking, especially in the walls: the fashion of wallpaper, which has taken hold in recent months, is confirmed as a major protagonist. The geometric decorations, the naturalistic motifs, but also real designs, such as hot air balloons, the Eiffel Tower or the San Francisco bridge… There is so much choice, and the effect is crazy.

It also confirms the inclination to return to the past, with the presence of vintage elements well placed within a minimal and modern furniture. Vintage becomes the precious element within a sober context, with simple lines and a vocation for practicality.

For this reason, precious materials such as leather and velvet, warm metallic colours, such as gold and brass, are back in the limelight.

It is within this reference to the interior design of the first decades of the 20th century that marble becomes a major protagonist in next year’s furnishing trends: a precious, elegant and timeless material.

Marble can be used in floors, tables and kitchens. It fits perfectly in simple contexts, giving it a touch of preciousness. It goes well with all the colours, the bright ones and the more neutral ones, including black. Perfection? The combination with gold and brass, for timeless elegance.

Bridge Evolution table with marble top

l marble, because it is the great protagonist of interior design

Marble brings with it timeless elegance. It is a precious and refined material, and as such will never go out of fashion. Styles and trends evolve, but marble will always have its immutable place in the furniture.

Refinement is the best quality of marble. The neutral colours and the characteristic veining make it easy to combine with any style, and not only because marble can elevate any environment in elegance.

Marble will be the most used material in 2020: from floors and furniture to smaller accessories.

Marble can be used in various furnishing accessories, starting from the floor.

In the kitchen they are very elegant and sober peninsula or marble table. The same applies to the top of the washbasin in the bathroom.

Imagine your living room: how can it be revolutionized for the better by changing the table in front of the sofa with a marble one? Or a nice dining table with a marble top? Make a good impression, don’t you think?

How to match marble?

To say that marble goes well with everything is not an exaggeration.

Marble goes with neutral colours, such as dove grey, white and grey.

It is very elegant with total black.

It also goes perfectly with wood, with a perfect contrast between the heat and cold of the two materials.

Make a beautiful effect even with bright or pastel colors, because it mixes elegance with liveliness.

A marble table, for example, fits well in modern contexts, but the latest trends see it inserted in contexts with a retro appeal. Together with a velvet sofa, for example, brass chandeliers, vintage furniture.

The interior design trends of recent years have in fact seen a growing love for the past, for the retro atmosphere of tradition. Vintage is reassuring, it’s history, it’s chic. Like marble. The winning combination is that between copper and gold (or brass). It is a refined and elegant combination, where the coldness of the marble is combined with the warmth of gold. That’s why we at itamoby decided to combine a marble top with a structure painted in gold, to create a very chic table, the table Volantis Evolution Gold.

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