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Shining WC. How to get the toilet clean again with washing powder

Posted by Anna Urban

Lime and urine scale: The first deposits appear again shortly after cleaning. With many commercially available chlorine cleaners, it is difficult to get rid of the dirt again and you desperately poking around with the brush in the pipe. The solution is quite simple, check the toilet reviews for buying anti-scale toilets.

Washing powder makes the toilet sparkling clean, if one handles it with caution. The application is quite simple: Pour one to two teaspoons of washing powder into the toilet, let it work for about 15 minutes and then scrub thoroughly with the brush. The test conducted by the editorial team showed that the result was convincing.

Surfactants combat fat

But what makes the white powder so effective for the toilet? Detergents consist of different ingredients. Surfactants are the most important component because they remove dirt, explains the Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg (VZHH). Fat and dirt particles are successfully removed with the help of surfactants.

So-called water softeners bind the lime in the water and ensure that deposits dissolve more easily. In addition, the softeners also support the cleaning effect of the surfactants. Because the more limy water is, the more their cleaning effect is reduced, so the VZHH.

Bleaching agents lighten grey haze

Bleach is added to many detergents, mostly heavy-duty detergents, to prevent the laundry from becoming greyed and to remove wine, fruit and coffee stains. It dissolves in water and releases oxygen, which destroys the dyes due to its oxidising effect, as reported by the VZHH. Bleaching agents are also antibacterial. And this also benefits the toilet.

Enzymes dissolve proteins

The enzymes in the detergent ensure that proteins, fat and starch dissolve. During washing, they are used to remove chocolate, grass and blood stains, for example. Since our urine also contains end products of our protein metabolism, enzymes help to dissolve the urine stone, among other things. Optical brighteners, which are added to the powder, help to counter the unattractive yellow tinge on the laundry and in the toilet. These make white appear even brighter.

Another advantage is that the powder balls do not dissolve so quickly in cold water. This gives you an additional peeling effect. And after cleaning it smells pleasantly fresh in the bath due to the fragrances used.

Less is more

But one should not exaggerate it, because in combination with water washing powder forms a lye. So this cleaning alternative is also not quite environmentally friendly. It is therefore important to use as little as possible. And also the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia advises to use the lye only very diluted, so that plastic pipes are not attacked. For this reason, in washing machines, cold water would flow into the drum after the main wash before the machine releases the washing mixture into the drain. Therefore, it is not advisable to let the washing powder act overnight.

Better to wear gloves

But detergent is not only a good helper for the toilet. Even yellowed joints or light-coloured plastic garden furniture become radiantly white again. Refrigerators and freezers can also be cleaned quickly and thoroughly with a mild detergent solution. That applies also to stains on carpet and sofa.

In order to make sure that the materials are not damaged by the caustic solution, it is advisable to test them first on a small, inconspicuous spot. In addition, it is better to wear gloves during this work so that the skin is not unnecessarily stressed and dried out.

Denture cleaner cleans drains during holidays

During your holiday you can also have the toilet bowl as well as your drains cleaned with a small helper: Before you leave, put one or two tablets in the drain to clean your teeth. Do not rinse and do not allow water to flow in. In this way, the active ingredient can combat deposits during your absence. And when you come back, the drains are clean and smell nice.

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