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Luxury kitchens. how to design and furnish the perfect kitchen

Posted by Anna Urban

The kitchen is no longer just the room where we prepare our meals, but is a place to spend quality time with family and friends. This is why it is one of the most demanding furnishing solutions, even at the design level. An elegant and high level kitchen must be designed according to precise criteria of design, have attention to detail and be extremely functional and comfortable. A luxury kitchen today is no longer a treat for the few, it is a primary demand for many.

The elegant and classic kitchen

The Goccia kitchen has a classic and compact design. Perfect for a eat-in kitchen but not too large, it is very comfortable and uses every inch to give sufficient work space and storage. Its curved shapes allow easy passage and lighten the final effect. The inlays of the table embellish with intense colors, the lacquering of the doors and panels illuminates the room, refined details such as the inclusion of LED lights inside the panels make it comfortable to use and spectacular to live.

The Goccia kitchen is classic and elegant, but can be made more modern by replacing the marble shelf with a material with a more uniform colour and natural wood with more neutral or darker shades of paint.

The technological and urban kitchen

The Snake kitchen is our flagship. Presented in its renewed version 2019 at Artigiano in Fiera, it was originally designed for rather large spaces, but can be customized for smaller sizes, with island, peninsula or double height counter.

In the main model, the most loved and sought after, the counter is transformed into an extendable table that can accommodate up to 10 people, a real corner of conviviality of high level. The strength and charm of the modern Snake kitchen lie in the food storage areas. The curved corner pantry allows you to create a small additional room, without the need for masonry work, the depth obtained from the curves allows the insertion of very large chests of drawers.

The dark grey Fenix top is very elegant and extremely practical. The elegance of the curves makes a modern and linear environment very functional in the spaces and pleasant to live every day.

The spacious kitchen for those who love to live the kitchen to the fullest

The Space kitchen has in its name its goal: to create workspace and living space. The double height central island creates new spaces for your things and turns into a small table for quick meals, breakfast or a cup of tea. Its central position in the environment sets the rules for the development of the counter with appliances and makes it a luxurious and important kitchen.

Its soft lines easily adapt to both contemporary and classic styles, working on the choice of materials, inlays and workmanship. The Space kitchen also provides a very large corner space for a pantry next to the wall counter.

The kitchen is the environment that more than any other requires great attention to design. The spaces must be studied with precision to meet the demands of our customers. For this reason we would like to give you 5 tips to take into account when designing your perfect kitchen:

There are basically 3 spaces in a kitchen: the working space, the space for appliances and the space for conviviality, when possible.

It is also essential to design the interior spaces of the furniture.

Lighting is not only a functional factor, but also helps to make the kitchen more elegant and luxurious.

The distribution of appliances must be optimal both in terms of energy saving (refrigerator and oven should not, when possible, be placed close together) and in terms of practicality of use. The quality of the products must be very high and the aesthetics have an important part to play.

You cannot leave anything to chance. Any kitchen needs the design of a decorator. For a high-end kitchen this is even more important. To achieve an elegant and functional result you have to rely on an interior designer who can follow your project from idea to assembly, who creates your kitchen from scratch, with expertise not only in design, but also in production. That’s how Midarte works. We start from your request, we elaborate a project on the basis of your needs, we realize it in our production area and we bring it to your home, adapting also electrical and hydraulic systems and architectural changes of the spaces.

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