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How to turn your bedroom into a luxury room

Posted by Anna Urban

We spend a third of our lives asleep. The ideal is to spend this time in a room that welcomes us in luxury and turn our nights into an experience of the senses. Every room, whatever its size, has the right and potential to become a 5-star project. Just know the right tricks.

This is obviously the first and most important step. Modern? Classic? Each style has its own strengths and weaknesses. A modern style tends to be minimal, essential, but it can be cold if not combined in the right way with accessories. The classic style is softer, warmer, the wood is enhanced but in a room of limited size can be heavy and cumbersome.

Luxury bedroom: the most elegant colours

Neutral coloured fabrics and more lively furnishings and walls or monochromatic textures? White wall that adapts to changing seasons or extreme customization? The important thing is to dose the excesses with a neutral base that highlights the elegance of the mood you want to give the room. A neutral base for walls (white, beige, grey) and furniture, with a touch of colour in the fabrics that can be interchangeable according to the season or your taste, is a choice that pays off over time because it is more adaptable.

Luxury bedroom: the most refined fabrics

The fabrics are able to change not only the appearance of the room, but also the experience lived by those who live in it.

Elegant, well-made fabrics transform your bed. Remember that from the mattress to the bedspread the choice of excellence is a must for a luxury room.

100% high quality cotton sheets make the bed more comfortable and a feeling of welcome and cleanliness. Pillows and decorative cushions must be rich and elegant, comfortable, anti-mite and breathable, blankets, duvets and bedspreads must therefore be at the same level, but with a casual touch, which plays down the luxury making it even more refined.

Luxury bedroom: design accessories and complements, light makes the difference

A unique piece of design, a designer armchair, that lamp you saw in your design magazine and have always dreamt of, or an ad hoc project, just yours, wouldn’t it make your room even more unique?

Use the light in an intelligent and scenic way, plan a lighting that adapts to every situation. Divide the room into blocks and customize the lighting for each block. In this way the atmosphere will be transformed according to the needs: good lighting for reading, at the desk or in bed, a light in the wardrobe to choose clothes or, for a contemporary minimal solution, use the walls and the headboard of the bed to create scenic lights of great effect.

A sober and clean design in the lamps give an unsurpassed sense of order, illuminate effectively and are very elegant, leaving room for the furniture.

What’s blowing your mind in a bedroom? The charm of wood, its grain and its warm colour? Or precious and unique details, attention to small things? Or even clean, essential, contemporary lines?

Each of us lives the room in a personal way and loves to surround ourselves with different things, different colors, different suggestions. But when we look for luxury, we know that we must remain open-mouthed, bewitched by a charm whose origin we are unable to identify, but which only makes us wish to remain there for as long as possible.

It can be a walk-in closet that you don’t expect, as in the Double room, the TV recessed in the closet, a particularly accurate cabinet-making or an unexpected shape of the doors, as in the Pearl room. Or all these things, mixed with elegance and skill.

But since elegance and luxury are universal concepts that everyone interprets in their own way, Midarte wants to listen to your desires. Starting from a basic model, we design and manufacture your luxury bedroom the way you like it, in the sizes you need, with the functionalities you are looking for. How does it work? It’s simple. Make an appointment with our interior designers, define their desires, needs and dreams and we will give life to what you want.

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