What is an Index?

For retrieving information quickly about journals, when there are thousands of journals available an ordered arrangement designed to enable users to locate.

How can I recommend a journal?

To recommend or suggest your journal, pleaseĀ Visit us here.

What types of journals are included in AEGI?

AEGI includes all journals related to research.

Why do publishers participate in AEGI?

  • To Increase traffic to their Web sites.
  • To obtain high visibility for their research publications.
  • To get evaluated for their impact factor.

We’re interested. How do we get started?

First fill up journal Suggestion Form with detailed information of journals for indexing. Upon completion of a successful review, AEGI will contact you for further process.

How can we let other people know that our journals are indexed in AEGI?

We encourage publishers to let their customers know that their journal is indexed in AEGI. We request publishers to include the Logo of AEGI on their Web sites, with an URL linking to the AEGI Web site.